Early Season Ticks and Treatments

Wide swaths of Long Island are wooded and untamed, perfect for long spring and summer walks, but also the perfect setting for pests. Our shorelines abound with trees, grass, and plants are exactly where the dreaded tick and troublesome mosquito take up residence. Usually dormant through the winter here on Long Island, deer ticks this year were active all winter, and are already beginning to lay their eggs (anywhere from 1,500 – 3,000 each) through the end of April. Mosquitoes will also reappear with the commencement of the warmer weather, and sightings have already happened. 

These insects in particular pose serious health threats by carrying dangerous diseases and illnesses—such as Lyme, Zika, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

By initiating a comprehensive treatment plan now, at the beginning of spring, we can help manage the population growth throughout the season. However,  many of us—as much as we’re both frightened and annoyed by these insects—are concerned about how to eliminate them without harming other insects and wildlife around them. 

Conventional pesticides are toxic and are a tremendous health concern.

Aronica Plant Healthcare can treat tick and mosquito infestation naturally. We specialize in organic tick and tree spraying programs that are not only safe for people and pets but are also harmless for tree and plant life. The compounds we use are non-toxic and pure—a “green” method that actually works. 

In the meantime, aside from treating the outside of your property, there are preventive measures you can take as a family to reduce your risk of exposure to ticks and mosquitoes including:

  • Wearing light-colored, snug-fitting long pants and long-sleeved shirts when working or playing in the garden
  • Applying a citronella-based bug spray to your skin, which is all-natural
  • Checking children’s heads and bodies after being outside
  • Inspecting the family pet as often as possible—they are notorious for giving these pests a free ride into the home—and providing them systemic flea and tick treatments as advised by your veterinarian. 

For optimum prevention and peace of mind, call us today to find out more about our organic tick and tree spraying service. Our team will visit your property, explain the process, and recommend the best course of action.