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What Are Seed Ticks and Do I Need to Worry About Them?

If you’re outside this summer you have a good chance of encountering ticks at some point, whether they’re crawling on you, your clothes, or the dog. Some ticks may be relatively easy to see—such as dog ticks or an adult tick—but some, such as seed ticks, are not. Seed ticks are ticks that have just… Read more »

Summer Lawn Care Tips To Keep Your Grass Looking Green!

We’ve already covered how to get your grass ready for spring and how to handle weed control, now we’re going to tell you summer lawn care tips and how to keep a healthy lawn all through the summer months. We’ve had a very wet spring, which means you haven’t really had to water your lawn,… Read more »

How to Handle Tick Bites

Tick bites

The warmer weather is here and spending more time outdoors means more chances to encounter ticks and tick-borne diseases. Here on Long Island deer ticks are almost everywhere there are trees and grass, so learning how to handle tick bites is important for keeping you and your family safe. Tick bites can spread a number… Read more »

Snow and Ice Removal Tips from Aronica

As January comes to a close, Aronica Plant Healthcare wanted to share a few snow and ice removal tips to prepare you for the rest of winter. Ice and heavy snow can be troublesome if you aren’t equipped with the proper tools or knowledge. Minimizing the time spent outside—especially as the temperature is scheduled to… Read more »

Keep Your Evergreens Safe with Anti-Desiccant Spray

The evergreens in your yard are the foundation of your winter landscape. Winter just wouldn’t be the same without their snow-coated branches swaying in the wind of a winter storm. But, while they may seem as though they can withstand anything as they stand against the winter elements, there is something that can cause them… Read more »

Should I Spray My Yard for Ticks to Stop Lyme Disease?

The tick population across suburban areas of Long Island has exploded this year. Many residents are wondering why there are so many ticks, and what they should do about it. To find out where the ticks are coming from, take a look on the ground. In addition to the abundance of ticks, you’ve probably noticed… Read more »

Watering your plants is an art. Are you doing it right?

Everyone loves a deep green lawn, and big, colorful blooms on their flowers but if you’re not watering just the right way, you could end up with a brown lawn and drooping flowers. If you’re ready to have the best-looking yard on the block, just follow these temperature related watering tips, and your plants will… Read more »

Fall Tree Care Tips

  It seems that summer has extended itself way into October, but the cold weather of fall has finally come in and now is the time to start thinking about protecting your trees from the winter. Many trees go into a state of dormancy during the winter, but harsh conditions can still stress them out… Read more »

Recognizing Hazard Trees

With fall and winter on their way, Long Island faces a risk of hurricanes and nor’easters; both storms can spell disaster for your trees. Fallen trees not only can damage your property, or take out power lines, but a mature tree can account for as much as 10% of your assessed property value. Here’s how… Read more »

Protecting Your Trees from Winter

With winter comes ice and winter storms. Unfortunately, these winter storms can wreak havoc on your yard, weakening your trees and damaging your property. There are steps you can take to secure your trees in the winter months to help mitigate the damage caused by old man winter. Here are things you can do in… Read more »