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Early Season Ticks and Treatments

Wide swaths of Long Island are wooded and untamed, perfect for long spring and summer walks, but also the perfect setting for pests. Our shorelines abound with trees, grass, and plants are exactly where the dreaded tick and troublesome mosquito take up residence. Usually dormant through the winter here on Long Island, deer ticks this… Read more »

How to Pick Your Seeds for Spring

Spring is a season of renewal and growth, and for many gardeners, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about planting seeds. Starting seeds at home is a great way to ensure that you have healthy, strong plants to transplant into your garden when the weather warms up. If you’re new to gardening or just… Read more »

Winter Gardening Activities: Making the Most of the Season

Winter may not seem like the ideal time for gardening, but there are plenty of activities that can be done during this season to keep your green thumb satisfied. From planning for the upcoming spring to tending to cold-hardy crops, here are some ways to make the most of your winter gardening time. 1. Planning… Read more »

Plant Root Health

As gardeners and plant enthusiasts, we often focus on the beauty of the leaves, flowers, and fruits that our plants produce. However, we often overlook the importance of healthy roots. Healthy roots are essential for the overall health and vitality of the plant.  In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of plant root… Read more »

Tick Control in Winter

One of the good things about winter is that the bugs that bother us in the summer go away, right? Unfortunately, as winters on Long Island become milder, the tick population gets a chance to grow through the winter. While mosquitoes are usually dormant until at least April, deer ticks can remain active in their… Read more »

How a Late Fall Spray Can Give You a Great-Looking Spring!

Did your trees and shrubs have a hard spring and summer? Pests and diseases can damage fruit trees and other garden plants. If this is the case, you may want to consider dormant winter spray treatments. “Dormant spray” is an umbrella term that covers treatments such as horticultural oil, which smother hibernating insects—such as aphids,… Read more »

Do I Need to Trim My Trees, and if So, When?

A very tall tree that has not been properly trimmed has the capacity to cause a lot of damage. But knowing when to trim your trees is important as well. Both shrubs and trees require regular trimming to maintain their looks and health. In addition, practicing regular tree trimming can help prevent problems during inclement… Read more »

Winter Tree Danger

The long-range forecasts are out and it looks like Long Island is due for a busy winter, weather-wise. While hurricane season is almost over, Nor’easters and blizzards with their rain and snowfall are likely on the way, and these storms can spell disaster for your trees. Fallen trees not only can damage your property, or… Read more »

Long Island Gets Its Own Tick Clinic

This August, the Northeast’s first dedicated tick clinic opened in Hampton Bays to treat tick bites and diagnose tick borne illnesses.  Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Resource Center will diagnose both children and adults. This is important because Suffolk Country has nearly 2,700 cases of Lyme disease last year, a five-fold increase over 2021. Ticks—ranging from… Read more »

Bringing Your Summer Garden Back to Life

Your garden bloomed into color in spring but now as the late summer days begin, you realize the plants don’t look as lively as they once did. Perhaps lower leaves are turning brown and dropping off. Maybe spider mites are spotting the leaves. There’s less new growth. Those beautiful blooms are wilting in the heat of… Read more »