Long Island Gets Its Own Tick Clinic

This August, the Northeast’s first dedicated tick clinic opened in Hampton Bays to treat tick bites and diagnose tick borne illnesses. 

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Resource Center will diagnose both children and adults. This is important because Suffolk Country has nearly 2,700 cases of Lyme disease last year, a five-fold increase over 2021. Ticks—ranging from deer ticks to the Lone Star tick—have been spreading various diseases across the Island for years, and numbers are going up every year. 

With the warm, wet weather we’ve been experiencing this autumn so far, you can expect ticks to hang around and be active in the area through December. 

Ticks love wooded areas and the female tick lays her eggs in leaf litter. So while it may be tempting to jump in that big pile of leaves you’ve just raked up, consider that there could be hundreds or thousands of tick nymphs living inside. 

To keep the tick population at bay keep your grass trimmed, clear fallen leaves as soon as possible, and keep a 3 foot barrier of wood chips or gravel between your lawn and wooded areas. Without these barriers adult ticks have no problem traveling to all corners of your yard. 

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do is have Aronica Plant Healthcare come and spray your yard for ticks and remaining mosquitoes. That way you can enjoy these last warm days in autumn without worrying about your family becoming a meal for disease-carrying parasites.