Fall Tree Spraying

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that’s just one sign that it’s the ideal time to start thinking about a preventative spraying program for fruit and other trees!

In particular, Peach Leaf Curl and Shot Hole Fungus can be prevented with a disease control application, while aphids, scale, spider mites, and others may be controlled with a dormant oil spray. After the first winter freeze, your tree’s bark contracts and seals in disease-causing organisms, so catching them early before the first heavy frosts come is essential. 

When trees are dormant, some pests take advantage of cracks and crevices to survive the winter, so spraying now is important for prevention. 

If we have a particularly wet winter, another application may need to be done in early spring just as buds begin to swell. 

It is just as essential to keep the areas around your trees clean from debris as it is to spray. Pests and fungus may take up residence in fallen leaves so it is important to rake up leaves and fallen branches before winter sets in.

To find out what type of spraying your trees may need, or to schedule a preventative service, contact us today!